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The Jolly Van is a family owned business, run by the husband and wife team, Raquel and António. It came out in 2017, and it was a way to make the best use of resources and have a return on the investment with our own motorhome, the fun Molly, the flamingo, and have her on the wheels more often.

The interest that it aroused was a surprise, given the offer in the motorhome rental market. We quickly realized that there was another factor, in addition to the growth of tourism in Portugal and the demand for different vacations: the motorhome customisation, with a decoration designed from scratch, offers a completely different, cosy and fun, product, that no one have on the market. The team has grown and The Jolly Van now has a group of fun people who work on the technical and maintenance side, interior and exterior decoration, social networking, marketing and reservations.

The Jolly Van team is passionate about their work and, above all, caravaning as a way of life!


The Jolly Van offers you personalized motorhomes in Portugal. Each motorhome is unique and vibrant, cheerful and fun, decorated with a different theme and by sharing them we want to make happy customers. The only question is: which motorhome to pick and where are you going to take her? The Jolly Van already have many hours and miles of adventures, lived by families with small children, grandparents with grandchildren, siblings and groups of friends, coming from all over the world to discover this amazing country: Portugal. All The Jolly Van are all equipped with the essentials to welcome you and your friends or family! You just need to plan an adventure without schedules and appointments and with lots of fun and freedom! You will not find in Portugal such a fun and innovative holiday concept on wheels!


We want The Jolly Van to be not only the reference in the motorhome rental market, but also synonymous with excellence and, above all, that we can create happy moments!

We want The Jolly Van to ensure the creation of economic and social value as well as thesustainability of the business, always guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers and our employees.

At The Jolly Van we have a culture based on principles and values ​​of citizenship. We want to create economic value by contributing to sustainable development. People are at the heart of our business: our employees, to whom we offer training and capacity-building in a fair and participative work environment, and our customers, to whom we offer services and products with superior quality and value, always aiming to meet their needs.

At The Jolly Van we strictly follow the legislation and standards applied to our activities, and always act responsibly in our relations with the Environment, developing programs in recycling processes, waste management and resources use, instilling that concerns to our clients! If you live in Portugal, why not enjoy the holidays... here?

If you do not live in Portugal, what better way to discover the country, its people, gastronomy, cosmopolitan and historical cities, villages, oceanic or river beaches, the mountains... everything here so close! In any case, without stress, without schedules, with all freedom!!!

Grab one of the delicious The Jolly Van and start the adventure!

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