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1. The driver has a driving license for more than 2 years and is over 21 years old.

2. The customer is obliged to observe and respect the capacity of the motorhomes, depending on the number of people registered, traveling (with seat belts) and beds.

3. The motorhome reservation will only be accepted and effective upon full payment of the rental amount, in cash, MBWay or bank transfer.

4. On the motorhome pick up, the client must settle all rental costs, and deliver a deposit (in cash, MBWay or immediate bank transfer) in the agreed amount. This value will be held in favour of the renter whenever the interiors or exteriors of the motorhome are damaged, and / or the documents, tools, accessories or any item included in it are not returned, in order to cover the costs of its replacement or in the event of an accident, as long as it's on the client responsibility.

5. The motorhome is insured against third parties: civil liability, occupants, glass breakage (cabin) and Travel Assistance, unless otherwise specified.

6. The customer will be responsible for all infractions and fines that occur during the rental period.

7. The customer will be responsible for all tolls and gateways passes that occur during the rental period, whether or not to use the Via Verde electronic payment system.

8. Fuel expenses will be the client responsibility.

9. The fuel tank is returned in the same condition in which it was delivered (e.g. full tank on delivery, full tank on return).

10. Travel with any animal or pet is forbidden.

11. A cleaning / disinfection fee of € 35,00 will be paid for each stay, due on the pick-up.

12. Any reserved/paid day not used for pick-up, stay or drop off, during the rental period, will not be refunded.

13. If it is impossible for the rental company to comply with the rental contract, due to an accident, breakdown and others, the client accepts and tolerates this fact, without reservations, without charges, interest or compensation. Depending on the client's choice, the amount already paid in the contract will be returned, or the client can take advantage of it in a next rental.

14. Cancellation conditions:
1.1. up to 7 days before the pick-up date, 50% of the reservation amount will be returned to the client.
1.2. less than 7 days before the pick-up date, there will be no refund to the client.
1.3. if the customer picks up after the date or drop’s off the motorhome before the end of the stay, there will be no refund.

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